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5 Unique Jobs Available in National Parks

Career Affirm 9 May, 2023

Have you ever dreamed of working in a national park? It's not just about being a park ranger or a tour guide. In fact, there are plenty of unique and unusual jobs available in national parks that you may not have considered. Some of these positions may surprise you!

Wildland Firefighter

A crucial job that ensures the safety of the park and its wildlife is that of a wildland firefighter. These heroes fight to protect our natural landmarks from destructive wildfires. It's a physically demanding job that requires strength, endurance, and quick thinking. But it's also an empowering job that allows you to save one of our country's most treasured resources.

Park Police Officer

National parks are home to a wide variety of wildlife, including some dangerous predators. Alongside park rangers, park police officers keep visitors safe by enforcing park rules, protecting wildlife, and investigating crimes. If you're interested in law enforcement, this could be a unique opportunity to serve in a peaceful, beautiful environment.


Do you have a degree in ecology or environmental studies and a passion for nature? If so, working as an ecologist in a national park may be your calling. Ecologists study the ecosystem of the park, work to preserve plant and animal habitats, and find ways to prevent human impact on the environment. It's a job that can make a significant positive impact on our planet.


National parks are also home to many artists-in-residence programs, which invite talented artists to create works that depict the beauty of the park. If you're a painter, writer, or photographer, this could be a perfect opportunity to combine your passion with your work. As a bonus, you'll have plenty of beautiful landscapes to inspire your art!


National parks aren't just beautiful natural landscapes; they're also home to rich cultural history. Archaeologists study and preserve the cultural resources at the park, such as ancient ruins or Native American artifacts. If you're passionate about history and preservation, working as an archaeologist in a national park can be a fascinating way to explore the past.

Whether you're looking for a physically demanding job or an opportunity to use your creative talents, there are many unique job options available in national parks. By working in a national park, not only will you get to help preserve and protect our natural and historic landmarks, but you'll also have the chance to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. So if you've ever dreamed of a job where you could make a positive impact and enjoy the great outdoors, consider working in a national park. It might just be your dream job!