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4 Major Trends Affecting the Job Market in the Next Decade

Career Affirm 31 August, 2017

Being aware of current trends in the economy, culture and demographics can offer valuable insights into the job market. The following are four big trends that could influence job and career options over the next five to ten years:

Aging and Retirement

A high number of workers will be reaching retirement age in the next ten years. The impact of this trend will be twofold: positions in middle to upper management will open up across all sectors and industries; however, the aging population will also create more employment opportunities in health care. Look for growth to be particularly robust for nurses’ aid positions, social work and assisted living facilities.

The Technology Infrastructure

While the growth and expansion of technology is a reality now, a trend that will accelerate in the coming decade is a movement to link and consolidate it. The IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud computing are already a part of this movement. This trend will fuel the need for IT professionals and specialists to assist with networking strategy ideation, implementation and support. These connections will also help to facilitate a more distributed workplace with worldwide connections.

Medical Innovations

Technological growth and innovation will lead to advancements in health care as new technologies and treatments are released at a rapid pace. This in turn will increase the need for technicians to operate this equipment and bring specialized care to patients.

Environmental Engineering

Faltering or outdated infrastructure and the movement toward sustainability will fuel the need for an overhaul of municipal utility systems. Old water, sewer and electrical systems will be updated with innovative, eco-friendly solutions. Environmental engineers will be crucial to success.

The job market is invariably linked with societal, cultural and technological trends in the world around us. Watch for these four movements to affect job prospects and career options in the coming decade.